The Story of a Second-Time Founder

From (Our first start-up - 10k Customers - more than 10M ARR) to True Platform (Second-time founder).

Starting a new business venture is never an easy task, especially if you have had a taste of failure in the past. The pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, and fear of the unknown can make even the most experienced entrepreneurs feel unsure of themselves. But for some, the challenge of starting anew is not just about success or failure. It's about something much deeper - a profound desire to pursue a dream that will take a lifetime to achieve. And this is precisely what motivated the founders of True Platform, the second-time founders who're eager to leave a mark in the world.

We started Base (our 1st start-up) in our 20s when everyone was young, penniless and inexperienced. When starting True, we grow much older. We have created a sales framework that grows from 0 to $10M ARR. We also have programmed the CDP that attracts 5-10K leads per month. We raised $3.5M from several best investors, at the moment when True was just newly founded. It’s such a huge appreciation (and responsibility).

We do know firsthand that no matter how much experience we have, the startup never has a shortcut. It’s always insanely honest about what needs to be done.

This time with True, we are not particularly excited about $10M ARR. We are not excited about building a company worth a multiple of $100M. Not even a unicorn.

All we want is to pursue a dream that will take a lifetime.
We build True because True is what truly completes us. Without it, we would never see the complete version of ourselves and never stop questioning.

This month True is truly born when our founding team can (re-)start working 7/7, 90h/week, again!

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